I clearly remember composing my first piece of music as a young teenager. It was an assignment given by my teacher.  I composed it for piano and rhythm section in a Bossa Nova feel. I was so pleased with my accomplishment that I took my fountain pen and neatly wrote every note vigorously.  I had created this beautiful hard copy which totally impressed my teacher that we jammed it out.

From that day forward I've continued to compose, perform and share my music and the music of others with my community.  

In my career as a composer and performer I've always wondered if my last job of composing and performing would be the end of composing and performing. I found the opposite: every experience reinvigorates my creativity as the mystery of music and life continues to unfold with every project.

I perform my songs acoustically as a soloist or with a rhythm section. I'm also the Keyboardist for River City Junction and the Carl Merenick Trio. I continue to record and I want to perform any chance I can get.

I hope I can be part of your world and that my music encourages and reinvigorates you to be!


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